Where to Get your Hatch Chilies Fix Right Now in Los Angeles

“It’s a rite of passage in New Mexico to experience the tongue-burning sensation of the state’s prized green and red Hatch chiles.” So writes Jean Trinh of Los Angeles Magazine.

Trinh interviewed Chef Gonzalez as part of his piece on Hatch Chilies

Gonzalez, who previously lived in New Mexico, has been working with these peppers for over a decade. One of his favorite items is the chile relleno. “The preparation is similar to a dish my grandmother used to make called en nogada, which is from Oaxaca, Mexico,” Gonzalez says. “I took the same principles of that dish and used a different chile instead, that being the Hatch. I love this dish because it’s so nostalgic for me and reminds me of my childhood.”

Michael Kirkpatrick