Restaurants Wake up to Seafood

Featured by Fern Glazer in Restaurant and Hospitality:

At Roe Seafood, a restaurant and fresh-fish market in Long Beach, Calif., about 80 percent of chef and owner Arthur Gonzalez’s brunch menu is focused on seafood. Among the current offerings is seafood Benedict, made with jumbo shrimp, Swiss chard and charred onion sauce on a French muffin, priced at $16. Gonzalez specifically omits the type of seafood on the menu so he has the flexibility to change it depending on what is locally caught or in season.
“I wanted to do something different than your average, ubiquitous crab-cake Benedict,” Gonzalez said. “Right now, we have shrimp, but you may see scallops, smoked black cod, or bacalao (salt cod).”
The Benedict was added to the menu when Roe first began serving brunch last March, and Gonzalez said it’s always a favorite.
Michael Kirkpatrick