Sumptuous musical, culinary banquet set to take place at Music Tastes Good

Chef Gonzalez was interviewed by the Long Beach Post about his culinary background and the delicious food he will be brining to the Music Tastes Good festival coming up soon.

Included on the menu at next weekend’s Music Tastes Good festivalare a chef and a band who have paid their dues and done their homework in Long Beach.

Chef Arthur Gonzalez, participating at MTG for the third year, is Executive Chef at two Long Beach restaurants; Panxa Cocina in Belmont Heights and Roe Seafood in Belmont shore.

The Fling, a hard-working four-piece creating music in Long Beach since 2007, will take the MTG Franklin Stage early Sunday afternoon.

“My culinary approach is Classic Roots, with a seasonal Southern California edge,” said Chef Gonzalez, who spends his work hours shuttling between the Southwest Fusion-style Panxa and Roe.

“Long Beach is a great dining-out town because it’s just starting to build,” said the Chef. “We’re getting a lot of new restaurants and chefs. We have great ethnic neighborhoods with amazing restaurants and fine dining establishments.”

Chef Gonzalez got schooled in multi-ethnic cuisine at home when he was young: His Grandmother prepared Oaxacan food, his Mother contributed German dishes and he was lucky enough to experience cuisine from other corners of the world through meals at the homes of friends.

After becoming enamored of cooking during his rookie season as a firefighter, the Chef left the fire department and embarked on a culinary education which included stints at local mainstays Spaghettini and Mahe, and a comprehensive tutelage under award-winning Chef Eric Distefano at restaurants in New Mexico and Arizona.

Visitors to Chef Gonzalez’ presentation at MTG next weekend may find themselves hungering for Charred Queso Oaxaca or Chimayo Pozole from the Panxa menu, or perhaps a taste of Crab Croquettes or Hickory Grilled Salmon Steak from the Roe menu.

“I love MTG,” said Chef Gonzalez. “It’s my third year being involved and I’m so stoked to be a part of something big, helping it grow, and exposing our city to amazing music and food.”

Michael Kirkpatrick